What about portraits? (Not selfies) #8

In a sense, every work you do is a self-portrait, because your paintings always reveal more about you than about your subject...
— Richard Shmidt

I love makeup... because it works remarkably well in association with photography and art in general. I'm fascinated by maquillage, because it can be a significant part of creating memorable profiles. The human face as a plain canvas has so much to tell, but it can tell even more with a few touches of my brush. It's one of the reasons why I adore portrait photography so much.

It's a very challenging form of art. It tries to catch something that cannot be fully captured. After all, a portrait can tell you a real, fake, or desired story, but which will it be? It's only a matter of interpretation. And there is no other way to investigate its authenticity, other than by looking at it.
"The reason some portraits don't look true to life is that some people make no effort to resemble their pictures." (Salvador Dali)... which is of course, optional. Portraiture involves lying , but you can do it while preserving your decency. If you want to put a mask on your face for a brief time, do it. You'll capture a special moment that cannot be recreated. It's hard to be righteous about it... Sometimes the truth is the last thing we want to expose. So why not paint your face and transform for split second?

What is a portrait made of? A moment of emotions, desires, lies... I've already established that. There is one other thing that most people don't remember. It's the connection between the person in front of the camera and the photographer. Helmut Newton described it concisely: "My job as a photographer is to seduce, amuse and entertain." From these actions, relationships are built (unless we talk about the selfie revolution). And from those relationships, great stories are created and kept alive in a mere moment. I hope the photographers will forgive me for speaking for them, but correct me if I'm wrong! You need to work in symbiosis, agree on what is expected to achieve the desired result. You need to listen, observe, understand and form the story according to someone's intentions... I believe you can see why I love to be involved in this fascinating process!

The world is not only black and white (even if we sometimes see it that way)... nor is art and photography. You need to keep in mind that every stick has two ends. You can love, hate, admire or criticize (portrait) photography for being subjective, for "keeping it still". I'll appreciate it. Photographs let us capture a fleeting moment in time which we may never return to.

Every portrait tells a story.
Will you show me yours?

images source: Pinterest