Makeup across the world #1


is all about nuance and good taste. Precision you can constantly improve on by practice and working on your technical skills. Many will argue, but it is my opinion that the key element that makes you a good 'MUA' is a sense of aesthetics. Makeup should undeniably be a source of joy, creativity and expression!

What can you do to improve?  Grasp as much as possible, do whatever comes to mind: design, paint, sketch, follow designers, look at paintings and basically explore the world of colors to gain inspiration. Considering each of these aspects will help you discover more ideas.

As for me, I find that traveling is the greatest source of inspiration. Recently, I began exploring Spanish culture, which has been amazing so far. I hope you can enjoy it with me! 

I've prepared a list of some useful and interesting websites that I use regularly. Check out the work of these truly impressive artists!

In the meantime, let's do some makeup!