Angelic Extravaganza #6

It's neither boring nor tasteless. It might be a bit overrated, but no matter what judgments you have, the truth is "Victoria's Secret Annual Runway" is a magnificent show. For a brief historical background for those nofamiliar with the brand, Victoria's Secret (lingerie store) officially launched in 1977.
What's unusual, is that the company was originally supposed to serve men by easing the process of buying lingerie for women. The founder - Roy Raymond - wanted to create an elegant place for male customers, so they could shop comfortably. He set the advertisement and whole marketing towards men, forming the store influenced by Victorian Era. It almost led VS to bankruptcy.
The next owner changed marketing approaches to attract the opposite sex.  The idea of targeting women remained. Through the years VS has been adjusting marketing strategies to the newest trends. While passing by the store windows, what you can observe now is an appealing layout full of glamorous and flirty bras and drawing attention night gowns... (I would say that works well enough for both: feminine and masculine part of the society)

The first show aired in 1995... now... What does underwear suddenly have to do with makeup, you might ask. Before you start wondering, I will direct your thoughts to the origin of my concept. Let's just forget for a second about the seductive and angelic lingerie and see what's (and who's) behind the curtain...

Jeff Fender - the main pattern designer for VS fabrics (which by the way he makes from scratch) does an incredible job. The more you go into the details, the more you will appreciate it.
Jeff Fender Studio
Serkan Cura - the haute couture designer (before working for Jean Paul Gaultier) is responsible for the extravagant wings.
Serkan Couture
Armando Farfan (with his team) is making sure the wings won't "fly away".

Preparing for Victoria's Secret Fashion Show requires enormous investment of time. By "enormous" I mean literally hundreds of hours of hard work. It showcases the talents of everyone involved in the process. These talents are what people should focus on. Yet, it has been criticized in many ways, being called pornographic, sexist, racist...

I will stick to my guns when it comes to VS annual show. It's always worth watching. Instead of debating about the beauty ideals I propose to open your eyes and get inspired. Apart from celebrities walking down the runway, and apart from performing musicians (my taste would have some claims), I pay attention to colors, structures, ideas. And that is why I encourage you to see it and take the risk to get involved in something "outrageous, commercial and sinful."