"Brave and daring" in context of MAKEUP #4

The latest personal essay of Lena Dunham (Harpers Bazar, Novemeber issue) got me thinking about our self-limitations when it comes to life, daily routines and from what I've observed: MAKEUP.
People's habits keep them from developing and getting out of their comfort zone - in this case, conservative - zones. I'm perfectly aware it's not an easy thing to do. We often feel we cannot change the scenery or way of looking and with the same boring perspective we end up with the same beige eyeshadow, same black mascara and same attitude. Just to be clear, I am not anti classic looks, I'm suggesting you can start your daring life simply by changing colors on your face. Once you break the pattern you'll start doing things "for the first time"every single day.

Lena's article brought to my attention the latest big events in beau monde. From all the great collections from fashion weeks I chose makeup ideas, fearless and dashing enough for you (and myself!) to try out!

And why? Because... This way lies freedom. /L.D./ 

---> LENA's essay