In-between the Seasons #3

Mark Twain once said that writing is easy. Maybe. But before in here, I "write" with my brushes first. And whenever I can I devote my energy to MAKEUP... Therefore after a long time I'm coming back to blogging. (Yes, I consider it writing). I was working on couple projects and very soon I will be able to show you amazing effects!  

Some time back I did a makeup inspired by forthcoming Fall. I already know my beloved Cracow was covered with snow yesterday, but at the same time here - in Barcelona I couldn't even feel the seasons change.
And although it's the middle of October I haven't decided whether Fall has come or not...
It's still more than twenty degrees outside and especially after seeing people in swimming-wear by the beach, I'm still convinced summer (!) has not left. However, some changes are noticeable. It looks like someone put a special filter effect on the world, with more pigmentation of bottle green, emerald and golden brown.

After two coffees (lately 'cafe con leche' - not espresso as it used to be...) I forgot about my hesitation. I chose to stay in my summer mood as long as possible. Then... 'five eye-shadows later' somehow Fall found her way in!

Which eye shadows do you need? See below!

Starting from inner corner: 
- INGLOT "467"
- UD "Freak" (from Electric)
- SLEEK "Hocus Pocus" (from Arabian Nights)
- INGLOT "329"
- UD "Blackout" (From Electric)

For those who don't have it yet: ELECTRIC palette by UD - is a must have!

Hasta pronto! :)