À La Mode #9

If you're a makeup artist, photographer or a stylist, you kind of need to be  up-to-date with fashion news, which include latest runway collections and trends. All major fashion weeks are behind us, so if you didn't pay attention, here are the highlights from shows in New York, London, Milan and Paris.

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Color Matters #7

Over the past few years we were under the influence of emerald, radiant orchid, marsala... and we already know, which colors will rule the world in 2016. Actually, if you snoop around the world of fashion, you'll see they have already started.

Some of you might not be aware that there is an organization called Pantone Color Institute...

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Angelic Extravaganza #6

It's neither boring nor tasteless. It might be a bit overrated, but no matter what judgments you have, the truth is "Victoria's Secret Annual Runway" is a magnificent show. For a brief historical background for those nofamiliar with the brand, Victoria's Secret (lingerie store) officially launched in 1977.
What's unusual, is that the company was originally supposed to serve...


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